Future Shorts Finland

This is how to shop at Cinema Events Finland’s short film web shop:

1. Choose a time and place for your short film screening

2. Product: Choose the short film set from our web shop that interests you

(Here you can see the introduction of the set + film list, duration, availability & price)

  1. Finnish Film Schools
  2. WTF(Welcome to Finland) 2 – Finnish short films
  3. Every Breath You Take – Short films from AV-arkki (The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art)
  4. AV-arkki: Anssi Kasitonni – Glider’s Retrospective
  5. U48: 48hour film challange in Finland
  6. Future Shorts Spring Season – International short films

3. Payment:

- Pay with a bank card or through your PayPal -account

- You will receive an order confirmation that you can print

(- If you prefer to receive an invoice, please contact us at info@futureshorts.fi with your billing details (the invoice will be sent to you as PDF by email) )

4. Contract: Accept Cinema Event Finland’s terms & conditions (1 screening/license). This is equivalent for your signature

5. Details of the customer and the screening

- Name, (+organization), address, email, phone number

- Time and place of the screening (venue name and address)

- Contact details of the organizer if different from the customer (name, email, phone number)

6. Download the film files and promotion materials from the link you will be sent

7. If you wish, make a ”playlist” for example by using VLC –media player, by adding the film files on the VLC –list in the correct order

8. Set up a Facebook -event for the screening (and send the link to us: tapahtumat@futureshorts.fi) and advertise your event

9. Check your technical stuff before the event

10. Remember to switch off the lights when the screening starts!

11. After the screening:

- Please destroy the files you downloaded from the web shop (the license for Cinema Events Finland's films is for a limited time only; you are not allowed to save or show the films in any other occation)

- Please send us the details of your screening (the number of audience, any feedback from audience or the venue ec)

- And remember to post pictures and videos on social media and send the best ones to us (tapahtumat@futureshorts.fi) :)


“Films. Music. Art. People. This is not just an event. This is not just a film festival. This is a global cultural movement.”